There’s only one thing more precious than
our time and that’s who we spend it on.

- Leo Christopher
A True Neo-Classical
Collectible: CIEL from Switzerland.

Moon shaped second hand / Big date / Sapphire crystal mechanism with SS316L (Stainless Steel) case / Water submersible to 30M depth.
High Precision Swiss Made Movement.
Limited Edition of 500 pieces worldwide.



The CIEL is designed to be a classic representation of Swiss craftmanship and watchmaking heritage with universal appeal. At 40mm diameter, this watch is a versatile timepiece that could be enjoyed by both men and women alike in the modern, robust world.


Most modern watches are digital or rapid reproductions and therefore have less value than naturally occurring watches. Therefore, a watch made of natural jewels and genuine Swiss made parts are costly and rarely seen available on the premium market. Therefore, not only is a CIEL watch an endearing instrument to wear; it should be regarded as a precious collectible that will only become scarcer to come by in the years to come.


CIEL watches are expertly crafted in collaboration with renowned Swiss watchmakers RONDA AG and every piece is meticulously assembled with quality gold-plated Swiss parts and independently inspected before release. At CIEL, we are confident with the intricacy and precision of our works that each piece comes with a 2 individually signed page dossier as well as a internationally recognized warranty card.


The CIEL is an exclusive collection made for a distinguished gentleman with only 500 uniquely numbered pieces available worldwide which makes it an authentic and timeless keepsake. This is truly a rare and fine product that would be sold on consignment, and upon special dispensation.


“CIEL” is a very fine and rare example of quality Swiss craftmanship and hours of devotion encased in each limited-edition model of timeless timekeeping. There are only 500 productions worldwide and each are individually labelled.

The key features of the watch are high precision Swiss movements, patented moon shaped second hand, big date, sapphire crystal mechanism with SS316L marine grade steel case; each with 10 fine jewels and powered by Ronda parts that come with a ten-year product guarantee. The watch is a true beauty to behold, with excellent detailing; both front and back and will certainly be a collectible item that would endure the test of time itself. Each embedded jewel is individually set into the timepiece under skillful insertion by eye. CIEL watches use 5 gold plated sapphires and 5 nickel plated sapphires to keep time with the utmost precision. The encased jewels then have predictable friction which gives them a more durable and lasting life span of the jewel (Dervan, 2021).

In partnership with Ronda, CIEL is committed to deliver the most meticulous and enduring masterpieces with high purity components from the screws, to the springs, regulators and the sapphires jewels themselves. Other materials used in the conception of the watch include: scratch resistant glass, garnet, and quartz. The products are combined such that Ciel’s rated accuracy is a variance of no more than 10 seconds per month. The product core is also encased such that its workings cannot be interfered with by everyday physical movements and could stand more than 3 bars of atmospheric pressure; making them technically water submersible although rarely is one expected to truly be seen underwater; except a light sprinkling perhaps before meals.


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